Awesome Sublime

Wed Feb 1, 2017

Sublime is Awesome

I feel sublime text is the most versatile and awesome editor for writing code and in general for any type of text (including markdown).

Why I love it

  1. Small setup size ~5 MB.
  2. Works seamlessly across different platforms Windows/Mac/Linux.
  3. themes which are easy on eye.
  4. Supports syntax highlighting for most of languages out of Box.
  5. Has built in spell check functionality.
  6. Multiple Cursors. Instead search/replace, select replace multiple occurrences once.
  7. Quick searching (based on indexes) of filenames, symbols, contents etc.
  8. Rich set of Plugins and Settings.
  9. Excellent support for editing Markdown files via this plugin.
    • Supports even GFM (GitHub flavored Markdown) syntax.
    • Has key-bindings for adding different markdown entities.

So all-in-all Sublime Text is a must tool for any developer!

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