Using bootstrap-dropdown with Vuejs2

Sat Apr 15, 2017

So while, still exploring/playing with Vuejs, came across another peculiar task - making bootstrap’s dropdown work with Vuejs, and here is how I make it finally work! (well atleast for me)

Though it seems very straight-forward at first - making the dropdown show or hide based on one flag data attribute. With chrome inspector, I could find out the required css class for same is: open.

But, the challenge was to hide it (remove the open class) once user clicks away outside the dropdown menu. This part was really tricky, and while I was trying more and more to get it resolve, I found it’s kind of really basic one and thus some-one would have actually fix it before. So on little google, found out this really great tool - vue-clickaway which exactly solves this problem!

So how does it work?

Let’s see some code first:

<li class="dropdown" :class="{open: showUserDropDown}">
    <a class="dropdown-toggle" v-on-clickaway="clicked_away_ChangeUserDropdown" @click="toggleChangeUserDropdown">Select User <span class="caret"></span></a>
    <ul class="dropdown-menu">
    <li><a @click="user = 'user1'">User 1</a></li>
    <li><a @click="user = 'user2'">User 2</a></li>
    <li><a @click="user = 'user3'">User 3</a></li>

and in vuejs app:

var vm = new Vue({

    el: '#vue-instance',

    data: {
        user: '',
        showUserDropDown: false,

    mixins: [VueClickaway.mixin],

    methods: {
        toggleChangeUserDropdown() {
            if(this.showUserDropDown) {
                this.showUserDropDown = false
            else {
                this.showUserDropDown = true
        clicked_away_ChangeUserDropdown() {
            this.showUserDropDown = false


As you can see, showUserDropDown is the data var which is the actual flag on which we either apply the required css open class on the dropdown. Clicking on dropdown, toggleChangeUserDropdown handler is called, which correctly toggles the flag and thus shows or hides the menu.

But the important part - of hiding the dropdown menu, once anything else is clicked on, is done by v-on-clickaway directive, which is provided by VueClickaway mixin.

Do remember, this v-on-clickaway is required for every dropdown with different handlers (making the corresponding flag to false).

That’s it! Simple right? But only due to vue-clickaway!

For complete working code, please refer to my vuejs demo repo.

Please leave the comments if you like this article, or any feedback so that I could improve my knowledge.

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