Using datepicker with Vuejs2

Thu Apr 13, 2017

Using datepicker with Vuejs2

Ok, so I am learning/exploring Vuejs now a days. It’s a great MVVM framework which is light-weight and simple to learn. Simple enough to start without any background with other similar Javascript frameworks.

After going through initial code samples and tutorials, I wanted to go for more. At around same time, working on one side project, I needed to integrate bootstrap-datepicker with Vuejs. Did some search online, but couldn’t find any working solution along with Vuejs2. So this is how I managed to do it.

First let’s see the code:

Vue.component('datepicker', {

template: `
    <div class="input-group date">
    <input type="text" class="form-control">
    <span class="input-group-addon">
        <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-calendar"></i>

props: ['updater', 'default'],

mounted: function(){

    //!important, as `this` is not available in the context below
    var t = this;
    var dp = $(this.$el.children[0]);

    if(t.default) {
        store.commit(t.updater, t.default)

        format: date_format.toLowerCase(),  
        autoclose: true
    }).on('changeDate', function(e) {
        store.commit(t.updater, moment(

    t.$on('reset', function(date_reset) {
      // console.log('reset called for:' + t.updater + " date:" + date_reset)
      store.commit(t.updater, date_reset)

      //to set the datepicker (date in textbox + last set valdate)
      dp.val(date_reset){date: date_reset})




The whole idea is, using vuejs, create a custom component so that, we can define any number of datepicker controls. For ex: the code below:

<datepicker ref="startDate" updater="setStartDate" default="2016-12-01">

Would simply create the datepicker control with default date populated as mentioned and would set the value in startDate data varaible. The updater mentions which store mutation/method would be called when the date is changed (by clicking in the datepicker event).

Here, an additional event reset is handled, which when emited, would call the require store mutation + setting the text value in date input field.

Here, jquery is used for initializing the datepicker control (Remember: bootstrap-datepicker requires it!) as well as to set the date value in datepicker from vuejs. Say on clicking a button (ex: setting to today’s date)

One more point to note here, for selecting the input field in our template, we have used:


Which means, the actual input field which we are initializing as datepicker, is the first children from our template’s root element:

<!-- root element of template -->
<div class="input-group date">
    <!-- input: first child under the root element -->
    <input type="text" class="form-control">

Thus, this would obviously change if the template is changed. Keep a note of that!

So, that’s all about it. I have tried to pen down my first experience with vuejs!

Please do visit to my vuejs-demo repo for the complete working code (and others).

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